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Just a few of our many services available

 If you can't find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us. 

Building surveys

If you would have one done in your country of origin, why not have one done in Spain before you commit to purchasing. A full written report can be done where potential hidden problems can be detected. Most important, we offer expertised advice on how these issues can be amened and not just a load of bad news. 

Land Registry checks

The first step when checking legalities of a property.

We will check out the ownership of the property, debts, build and land sizes. This is contrasted with our personal visit to the property and survey maps from the Cadastral Office. 


Purchase contracts

We have a selection of standard Purchase and Sale double column contracts available  in English and Spanish that we can supply fully completed, assuring full security and transparancy for you. 

All aspects of the deal are correctly written in the contracts and in some ocassions when necessary, an item inventory. 

Power of Attorney

A document witnessed by a Notary Public either in Spain or your country of origin allowing us to complete the purchase of the property on your behalf. 

We prepare this document for you and arrange an apointment at the nearest Notary Office. When signing a POA out of Spain, an Apostille stamp is required in order to legalize the document. This also forms part of our service to you. 

Covid Restriction Conveyacing

If due to restrictions, you can't visit Spain........

We've come up with the ideal solution. Most Estate Agents are offering "VIRTUAL TOURS" that is great, but what if you had a second virtual tour done by us....?? We can give you our honest and professional opinon  about the house and location, plus have a good look at areas you may not of seen on the first "virtual tour"

We'll do our thorough seaches, and if all is OK, we can arrange for you to sign a Power of Attorney in your country if travelling to Spain is complicated. 

Our commitment to you doesn't stop there, and we carry on assisting you with NIE applications, bank accounts, utilty bills and anything else required. 


We offer other tailor made services too.

If you can't find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us.

Other services we offer are:  Inheritance procedures (Declaration and Acceptance of Spanish Wills) Declaration of un registered constructions, extensions or buildings. 

Opening and closing bank accounts, NIE and Residence Card applications. Home and health insurance. Habitation Licenses. Energy Efficiency Certifcates. Mortgage cancelations. Utility Contracts. Money Transfers. Legal Translations. Notary and Public Adminsitration Representations. Debt and Seizure Cancelations.